school construction project

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Nailed It This Summer

Now that projects are finished and occupied, it is time to review the lessons learned and the process by which capital projects are planned, budgeted, funded and delivered.

healthy cleaning

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Lean Cleaning as a Path to Quality

Bringing classrooms into the digital age

Technology (Enhancing + Engaging + Connecting)

Technology-Assisted Curriculum

Bringing classrooms into the digital age.

Fun and colorful school classroom

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Schools Should be Fun Places

The effects of design, lighting, and color in learning environments.

Student-Centered Designed space from the outside

Student-Centered Design

Transforming educational space for the 21st-century student.

School Flooring

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Higher Marks for School Floors

Trends in cost-effective and sustainable flooring.

School Exterior: Kennedy-Curry Middle School

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Appearance Does Matter

Good exterior design can "celebrate" the school.

class presentation tools

Technology (Enhancing + Engaging + Connecting)

Teachnology Tools

New technology seems to be constantly moving the goalposts for best in class presentation tools.

Education interiors

Details Matter

Education interiors make a big difference.

audio enhancement systems

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Did You Hear Me?

Using audio enhancement systems in the classroom.

Intelligent Buildings

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Intelligent Buildings

Integrated BAS Technology Enables Schools to Improve Energy Efficiency.


Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Comfort and Health

Lakeshore Schools renovate to pass the IAQ test.

Libraries transform to learning commons

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Not Hush Hush Anymore

Libraries transform to learning commons.

Physical Access Control Systems

Safety & Security (Prepare and Be Aware)

For Best Results, Follow the Directions

Here's what the experts have to say about what constitutes effective physical access control systems and ensuring that your systems work together to achieve the best results.

maintenance planning


Preserving Our School Facility Investments

Building component forecasting and obsolescence/major maintenance planning.

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