Sustainability and High-Performance

High-performance sustainable schools have many benefits from improving health, to lowering operational costs and protecting the environment.  Uncover ideas and best practices about acoustics, daylighting, conservation, waste and recycling, materials selection, certification programs, energy savings, and more.




  • Energy Management and Sustained Excellence

    Gresham-Barlow Schools Save Over $1.5 Million Annually

    See how this school district went from bleeding energy dollars to saving over $1.5 million a year in cost avoidance, earning an ENERGY STAR rating of 97 and becoming an 11-time Partner of the Year award winner.

  • Guide to Reducing Energy Consumption in Educational Institutions

    Guide to Reducing Energy Consumption in Educational Institutions

    In a time when the word "energy" brings to mind rising prices or conservation crises, there is a place where energy can be perceived with hope: the nation's educational institutions. Learn more about reducing environmental impact, saving money and improving the learning environment for your students in this guide.

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