Access Control

Red metal hooks that can attach to the bottom of the door and bolt it to the ground were installed in nearly 50 doors at the school.

Safety & Security

New School Locks Installed at Tennessee Elementary

A 1st grade class in Manchester, Tennessee raised more than $3,000 to install safety locks at New Union Elementary School.

Safety & Security

Security Measures Added to Colorado Schools Through DHS Grant

Weld RE-5J School District in Johnstown, Colorado received a grant totaling nearly $350,000 from the Department of Homeland Security to overhaul its security system at two schools.

Safety & Security

Madison SD Installs Electronic Door Locks, Internet-Based Phones to Enhance Safety

Madison Metropolitan School District installed electronic locks and internet-based phones with increased functionality as part of an upgraded district-wide security plan.

Physical Safety

The Importance of Safety Locks for K–12 Schools

Inside the classrooms, students are able to hide along a side wall known as the “shadow zone,” where they can’t be seen by a gunman from the hallway.

Safe and Secure Schools

Michigan High School Designed to Protect Students from Mass Shootings

With the high frequency of mass shootings in the United States, Fruitport School District administrators had campus safety on their mind when designing new sections of Fruitport High School in Michigan.

School Security

PA High School Increases Policing of Students, Citing Greater Need in New, Larger Building

The additional security measures were necessary, said school officials, because the new building is a third larger than the previous one, 300,000 square feet compared to 190,000 square feet.

School Safety

Chicago-Area District Adding Secure Entrances to All Schools

The latest set of construction projects for Wheeling Community Consolidated School District 21 covers installation of secure entrances at the school system's 13 schools as well as installation of air conditioning systems.

School Safety

MI Districts Add Vinyl to Windows for Security and Cooling

Two school systems in Michigan are turning to window-sized graphics for safety, security and environmental benefit. Addison Community Schools and Hudson Area Schools have both turned to sign company Insignia Graphics to design, produce and install perforated vinyl on windows in their buildings.

Facilities & Design

Building Trendy K-12 Schools

The world of education is changing more quickly and more comprehensively than ever before. Two key developments are effectively changing the traditional design of K-12 schools.

school security bollards

Safety & Security (Prepare and Be Aware)

The Future of School Security

From stronger but less intrusive safety measures and “shut-down” protocols to juggling varying degrees of clearance in a complex environment, schools and airports share many of the same challenges and goals in public security.

school cooridor

Healthy, Safe Schools

K-12 school environments can cause illness and injuries. What schools must do to prevent these problems.

credential check

Safe and Secure Schools

It's In the Details

Make sure to check credentials, qualifications of third-party contractors, staff.

Safe School Buildings

Maintenance & Operations

Safe School Buildings

Hardening school buildings from a maintenance perspective.

Spotlight on Intelligent Buildings

The learning curve for understanding and utilizing intelligent buildings can be steep—a fact Dale Klein of Parallel Technologies is well aware of. Having seen the rise and development of intelligent buildings in the K-12 education space, Dale speaks with the magazine about some of the general and K-12-specific elements of intelligent buildings and how the technologies are progressing.

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