Find out more about the business of education – from business contingency and continuity plans; to finding the best way to recruit and retain students and staff.

A teacher carrying a tablet smiles while students are working at their desks facing the front of the classroom.

5 Reasons Teachers Leave and How to Prevent It

Here are five common reasons teachers are leaving their jobs and some ways to beat the odds and keep them.

Business Practices


Redrawing School Boundaries with Confidence

Washington Update

As in most years, the President’s budget request is dead on arrival when it is announced. This year is not much different than those in the past. However, with a divided government, the budget and appropriations process gets a bit more challenging and interesting. The

Business Practices

Budget Flexibility as the Key to Sustainability

Business Practices

Cycle-Based Budgeting

Improving system deficiencies for stronger budget decisions.

Business Practices

Fundraising and Finance: The school–volunteer relationship.


Business (Managing K-12 Education)

Outsourcing – Common Sense or Nonsense?

Whether outsourcing is a nightmare or dream scenario depends on who is doing the talking.

Business Practices

Key to Success

Positive leadership in the school business office.

Five Reasons Every School Needs to Brand

Using Product Audits to Cut Costs

educational design

Building Blueprints (Facilities in Focus)

Preparing for the Future

Rethinking educational design for a new generation of learners.

Legally Speaking

Don't Be at Risk

There are no "instant" background checks for volunteers.

Business Practices

Stakeholder Financial Literacy

Telling the story behind the numbers.

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