Preventative Maintenance

Smart Campus Systems

Spotlight on System Integration

Once a vision of futuristic urban areas transformed by modern technology, smart cities are increasingly becoming a reality across the United States, and school campuses are following suit.

Control Freaks: Optimizing School Mechanical Systems By Paying Attention

Healthy Facilities

Ask the Expert (Pest Control)

Rodents: How Are They Getting In, How Do We Stop Them?

maintenance planning


Preserving Our School Facility Investments

Building component forecasting and obsolescence/major maintenance planning.

roof management

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

The End of Worst First - Roofs in Transition

Just like everything else in education, technology and new methodologies are changing the traditional approach to roof management.

Managing an aging fleet of service vehicles

Maintenance & Operations

An Often Overlooked Component

Managing an aging fleet of service vehicles.

Maintenance Team at Lakeside Educational Network Keeps Things Running Smoothly for Students Going Through Rough Patches

Crowded school environments can be tough for students who struggle with learning disabilities, addictions, street violence, or other problems in their homes and communities.

Summer Maintenance

Maintaining Buildings Grounds

Summer Is No Vacation When It Comes To Maintenance

How do you schedule necessary maintenance projects when school facilities are being used year-round for a variety of purposes?

Facilities (Learning Spaces)

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Here's how one small school district schedules preventive maintenance.

Construction Report Part of a Bigger Story

A plan for maintenance and repair should be an integral part of every school budget, and must not be the item to be cut when money is tight. Not performing routine maintenance costs districts many times over. ItÂ’s not hard to get people excited about

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