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Tools to Navigate the Changing Workforce in Maintenance and Operations

Now is a unique time in education operations, where 50% of facility managers are expected to retire in the next 10 years and 80% of Americans agree there is a skills gap in the workforce. But amid all this change is opportunity to harness tools and technology to make sure your team is prepared for the future. Join us as we discuss how to navigate the changing workforce in maintenance and operations.

Achieving a 4.0 for Sustainability in Higher Education

This course will assert different sustainable techniques that apply to design and architecture in education spaces, as well as highlight major green building certification platforms that are creating specific paths for buildings to achieve their optimum potential.

Reducing Energy Consumption in Educational Institutions: Best Practices for Conservation

Join our webinar to learn about how energy management is a win-win for institutions across the board when it comes to reducing environmental impact, saving money and improving the learning environment for the students you serve.

The Complete Guide to Event Management in Education

Proper event management can be highly beneficial for your institution. Join us to find out how to refine your event management process.

Facilities & Construction Trends and Their Impact on Learning

You are invited to join us for an overview of the trends in educational facilities and construction based on available data and surveys of the readers of both SP&M and CP&M magazines.

Event Management and The Bottom Line

Come join our discussion as we dive into how the public's usage of facilities can stop being a headache and start being a positive for your institution.

Hybrid Design Strategies to Engage Students

Join Steven Herr, AIA, director of Design for Fanning Howey, to explore the latest trends in hybrid high school facilities.

Beyond the Light Switch: Elements of Effective Energy Savings Programs

Come join our presentation as our speakers discuss how to start, or continue, down your energy management journey.

Creating a Safe Campus: The Power of Environmental Design

Learn how to identify a clear path forward for architects and school districts to work together in achieving a greater culture of safety on campus.

Boiler Room to Board Room: Showing Your Work Matters

Come join us as we unpack how leveraging your data can lead to better communication of needs organization-wide.

Sustainability and Savings: Cutting Costs with Electric Vehicles for Your School

This webinar will cover best practices and the newest ideas in fleet management to help you meet your sustainability mandates.

Intelligent Use of Intelligent Building Solutions

This presentation will address some of the available programs and concerns with information technologies, helping facility administrators and managers better make use of these resources.

Cleaning Essentials: Tools Needed to Make a Healthy Change

Learn about the tools and strategies to drive improvements to the cleaning programs in your school district and how to be an effective champion for Greener Cleaning.

The Second-Annual Education Operations Health Index Webinar

See how your operations compare, and find out where and how you can make the changes that will transform your institution and those it serves.

Impact on Learning

Join us for this informative webinar, where we will discuss how the educational environment affects how students learn, their health and safety, student engagement and morale.

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